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Who is Q.Ivory?

Q.Ivory is an African American music producer located in Queens, NY. He specializes in urban (Hip Hop, Rap & R&B) music production.

For over 10 years, Q.Ivory has been honing in on his craft, going through many phases of music production.

In his early childhood, Q.Ivory started off as a rapper since his brothers and closest friends started doing it. In his mid-teens, he discovered that he had a talent for playing the piano and composing music His piano teacher is Adam Ippolito, a band member from the group “Elephant’s Memory”. Q.Ivory has also taught piano and music production to younger children attending his high school Franklin K. Lane, in order to ensure that they be involve with productive things after school. The program DFOY (Directions For Our Youth) allowed full creativity and expression for these students, and created a positive outlet. From then on, Q.Ivory has devoted time to bringing complete pieces to tangible pieces of music, whether it’s beats, full songs or acapella vocals.

What has Q.Ivory done?

Q.Ivory has created music for artists such as Skeelo, Black Rob, Doc Ice of Whodini & UTFO, David Ruffin Jr and more. He is also a skilled mixing and mastering engineer as well, and spends time getting a song complete and ready for release.

Q.Ivory has also worked with various artists, helping them get their projects complete. He enjoys critiquing artists music so they can get the best music production possible. From time to time, Q.Ivory even promotes different artists on his Instagram page to get them exposure! you can take a look at Q.Ivory’s Instagram here.

Why Q.Ivory’s production?

Q.Ivory offers a unique perspective on music production. Today, many Hip Hop and R&B artists think that a producer just makes beats. This is far from the truth. Q.Ivory brings to the artist a full music producer experience.

What is Q.Ivory’s ultimate goal?

Q.Ivooy’s mission is to revolutionize the game as a top producer, while bringing artists and producers together in a community where we can create great music. Welcome to QIvoryWorld!