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Why Is “Teamwork” So Hard In The Music Industry?

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Why is it so hard to build a team in the music industry?

In any other industry people are aware of all the moving parts that it takes to be successful. You have a marketing team, a legal team, a finance team, a product development team – you get the picture.

So what makes people think that the music industry will be any different?

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In my opinion this has a lot to do with the impression that mainstream music artists make it on their own. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Yet people think that the artist’s team is just eating off of them and they haven’t contributed anything to their success. Listen. If the artist’s team didn’t function as a unit, there would be no mainstream artist, just another addition to the saturation of music.

I’m just being real.

Things need to be less about ”I” and “Me” and more about “We”. We have to start seeing things bigger than the imaginary box that we put ourselves in. The fact is, possibilities are endless when you continue to do good business with good people. The music industry can be cold, but will warm up once you show love.

What I’m observing today is music artists THINK they know how to market themselves, when actually they’re doing more harm than good in most cases. Now the reason I’m saying this is because most artists post SoundCloud links all over social media and tag a bunch of people in hopes that somebody is going to listen to them.

Will they get a couple of listens here and there? Sure, their closest friends and family may support their music. However when it comes to the actual market, they’ll skip over your music in a heartbeat or they might even block you or report you as spam. You just didn’t market to them in an effective way. This is where a great marketing team would come in handy. They understand human behavior and could market your brand according to your audience’s needs.
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The same thing applies to any other member of your team. When you get to a certain size you need to start delegating responsibilities to people who actually specialize in what you need, even if you are a little more skilled. You won’t be at your best when you’re doing everything at once, so pick somebody to help you out a little bit even if it’s just the homie from around the way that pitches in. At least you’ll have help and can focus on other things. The goal is, EVERYBODY needs to eat.

I hope you in this article useful, as it’s been on my mind for quite some time. Everyone has different perspectives on where they want to be and how they’ll get there. But no one can deny the benefits of a well-rounded team who works towards the same objectives. Please share this social media as I’m sure somebody needs to read this. Artists should be aware of these small things that can have a major impact on their success in the music industry.

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